Trolmaster - DSD-1 Dry Contact Station
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Trolmaster - DSD-1 Dry Contact Station

The TrolMaster DSD-1 Dry-Contact Module offers a versatile solution for users seeking to connect control devices to the Hydro-X using relay or 'dry-contact' functionality. Ideal for equipment requiring either normally open or normally closed contact closure, the DSD-1 facilitates seamless activation of such devices. Simply plug the DSD-1 into a standard Nema 120-volt 15/20-amp power outlet to power its circuitry. Users can then connect their control voltage (up to 240 volts @ 10 amps) from their equipment to the common, normally open, and/or normally closed contacts on the DSD-1. Compatible with a wide range of devices requiring relay activation, the DSD-1 is configurable to function like other Trolmaster power modules. It seamlessly integrates into the 'devices' line on the Hydro-X, enabling control of various devices including lighting contactors, pump contactors, temperature devices, humidity devices, and CO2 devices.

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Product description

Dry Contact Station(DSD-1)
The Trolmaster DSD-1 Dry-contact module provides a simple and flexible solution to users who want to connect to & control devices using the Hydro-X or Aqua-X using a “dry-contact” or relay to activate the device. Many devices require dry contact closure to be controlled or activated. The DSD-1 is the product that you need to control those types of devices.

*The DSD-1 can be configured to have the same functions as other TrolMaster’s power modules. The DSD-1 connects to the “devices” line on the Hydro-X and can be set to control an almost infinite number and types of devices such as:
Lighting contactors
Light Deprivation curtains
Pump contactors
Temperature devices
Humidity devices
CO2 devices

*By pressing and holding the top button on the DSD-1, users can manually override the module and turn it ON / OFF.

* Consult TrolMaster for questions concerning your particular device.

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