Root Pouch - Geotextile Grow Bag with Handles (3G)
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Root Pouch - Geotextile Grow Bag with Handles (3G)

The Root Pouch is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor growers looking for a container that promotes rapid plant growth. These breathable, thin, and flexible hydroponic grow bags are designed to support healthy root growth during the "veg" stage, working effectively with hydroponic irrigation systems and promoting air pruning for stronger root systems and optimal plant growth.

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Product description

Root Pouch: geotextile pots for breathtaking root growth!
The RootPouch's revolution also lies in its design: indeed they are made from recycled plastic bottles and spun with recycled cotton fibers. The perfect combination with your hydroponics. Root Pouch pots work with drip systems or hydroponic tide tables. They provide air to the roots, for optimal root aeration, as well as higher yields and faster growth rates.
Healthier plants thanks to better aeration:

Root Pouch pots will give your plants a more fibrous and denser root structure. Thanks to its geotextile structure, the fabric allows air to pass through, unlike plastic pots. Roots will not curl. The root mass takes up all the available space in the pot producing rootlets instead of spinning in search of oxygen pockets. Root Pouch is an effective way to improve the environment of your plants for better root structure and thereby better growth!

All Root Pouch pots also offer superior thermal insulation: in winter the geotextile will protect your plant from the cold and conversely in the summer it will protect it from the heat.
 Possible use in Indoor Culture or Outdoor Culture
The Root Pouch Boxer Line range are the strongest geotextile pots: tear-proof, they are usable and washable indefinitely! In Indoor Culture, create your seasons and reuse Root Pouches every time! The width of the pot is longer than the height which allows better aeration of the soil and avoids the waste of substrate (soil, coconut...). These pots are rot-proof, they will not degrade over time, unlike the Root Pouch Gray range.

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