TrolMaster - TC-1 Grow camera
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TrolMaster - TC-1 Grow camera

Elevate your grow room surveillance with the TrolMaster Grow Camera (TC-1). This high-quality surveillance camera offers 24/7 live video monitoring of your grow area, ensuring peace of mind at all times. Engineered with built-in night vision using invisible (plant-safe) IR illuminators, the TC-1 prevents disruption to plant morphology during dark periods. With night vision capabilities extending up to 35ft using ultra-low infrared emissions, it ensures plant safety day and night. Utilize the free TM+ app for seamless monitoring, providing 3-megapixel low-latency internet live footage. Plus, with a built-in MicroSD card slot, you can easily record video for added security

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Product description

The TrolMaster Grow Camera (TC-1) is a high-quality surveillance camera specifically designed for grow rooms, providing 24-7 live video monitoring of your grow area. The TC-1’s built-in night vision has been engineered to use invisible (plant safe) IR illuminators to prevent disrupting the morphology of the plant during the dark period. TC-1 features night vision with the ability to see up to 35ft by using ultra-low infrared emissions that are safe for plants during the day and night. TC-1 also utilizes TrolMaster’s free phone app called TM +. Using the TC-1 and the TM + app provides 3 megapixels of low-latency internet live footage. A built-in MicroSD card slot is also available for video recording.

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