Trolmaster - HC-1 - Environmental Control System - 3 In 1 Hydro-X Sensor
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Trolmaster - HC-1 - Environmental Control System - 3 In 1 Hydro-X Sensor

Optimize Your Grow Environment with TrolMaster's Multi-Functional Controller TrolMaster offers a versatile controller designed to streamline your indoor cultivation setup. This advanced system allows seamless control over lighting sources, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and CO2 generators or regulators. With TrolMaster, you can effortlessly manage multiple aspects of your grow environment, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and maximizing yields. Invest in TrolMaster for precision control and enhanced efficiency in your indoor garden.

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Product description

The Hydro-X Controller from Trolmaster is a horticultural climate control system!
The  Hydro-X  system is a real brain, it is very simple to set up and easily  upgradeable .

With the help of an application you can  control : it can be used to control  lighting  sources, HVAC systems, mini-split  air conditioners , commercial  dehumidifiers  and  humidifiers , as well as  CO2   generators  or regulators.

It can control up to 512  lights , 4  temperature  devices, 2 humidity devices, 2 CO2 devices, 9 pre-programming devices.

With the  TrolMaster  App, you will not lose any vigilance on the horticultural installations Remote control.
You can also program alerts<span class=""tlid-translation-gender-indicator translation-gender-indicator"">.

Package Contents:

         1 x Hydro-X Controller
         1 x Temperature / Humidity / Light sensor 3-in-1
         1 x RJ12 cable

Technical specifications :

         Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
         Certifications: ETL / FCC
         3-in-1 sensor (Temperature / Humidity / CO²): 1 maximum per installation
         CO2 sensor: 1 pc maximum per installation
         Smoke Detectors: Max 5 per installation
         Water detectors: Max 5 per installation
         Temporary device stations: Max 4 per installation
         Wet device stations: max 2 per installation
         CO2 stations: max 2 per installation
         Program stations: max 9 per installation

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