Trolmaster - HCS-3 Lighting And Climate Controller - 4 In 1 Sensor Hydro-X Plus
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Trolmaster - HCS-3 Lighting And Climate Controller - 4 In 1 Sensor Hydro-X Plus

Unlock the full potential of your cultivation system with the TrolMaster controller – the ultimate brain for your indoor garden. With its intuitive application, you gain precise control over irrigation sources, EC and pH levels, water temperature, humidity, and timing functions. Seamlessly manage every aspect of your grow environment with ease, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants' growth and health.

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Product description

Controller Hydro-X of Trolmaster horticultural climate control system!
Benefit from a perfect and unavoidable control with the  environment controller   Hydro X Plus HCS-3  environmental controller.

It is possible to  control your entire production area , which includes a very large number of lamps.
You can create more than 50 programs, including 8 temperature and humidity devices, 4 CO2 devices, 12 programming devices.
The controller works with all systems. In order to have an even more stable atmosphere, it is quite possible to realize different levels of temperature and humidity control.

With the controller Hydro-X controller, you will find a 4-in-1 MBS-PRO sensor for optimal management of temperature, humidity, CO2 ppm and active light.

Hydro-X is equipped with two individual control channels, which will allow you to automatically adjust the management of your lighting alone in an ideal way.
DLI Level

It will allow you to have a reliable control on the totality of your plantations: Simulation of the sunrise/sunset, against the overheating and the light spectrum etc.
If there is a problem of fum water leakage, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

         Humidity device stations: 8
         Temperature device stations: 8
         Programming stations: 12
         CO2 stations: 4
         Sensors for fum and water sensors: 10 each
         MBS-PRO : 6
         MBS-PAR : 1

 Package content:

         1x Controller Hydro-X Plus
         1x Customizable wallpaper
         1x 12V power adapter
         1x RJ12 T-splitter
         1x MBS-PRO 4 in 1


         Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
         7"" touch screen
         Customizable screen background
         Free application
         Cloud control

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